Our philosophy at Rock Springs is simple and successful. A demanding curriculum is taught by an exceptional faculty in a safe, nurturing, Christian environment. Christ is the source of all truth and knowledge (Colossians 2:3); Christ is the creator of all facts (Colossians 1:16); and The Bible is the inerrant, complete, and all embracing revelation of God (II Timothy 3:16 17). We help our children understand that no area of life can be separated from God, that no fact can be understood apart from God, and that truth and knowledge cannot be acquired except under the direction of Gods written revelation. This knowledge will build Christian character and provide practical wisdom for the daily activities of life, thereby enabling the child to glorify and enjoy God, and to confront with confidence and clarify those problems and challenges they will surely face. As our children learn how to build a Christian culture in home, school, and church, they will gain prosperity, strength, and peace that only God brings to His faithful people.

Accredited by Southern Association of Independent Schools/AdvancED/SACS and the Georgia Accrediting Commission.